My apologies..

Dearest Panem,

I HGM Mio has been away for a long time due to technical problems to the games. The remaining footage of the games has been breached and we are currently searching for survivors as the tributes were not able to contact any sponsors for help. We can only detect two tributes in the arena, one is nearing death while the other seems to be terribly injured. A search party will be sent in the arena and find the survivor or victor of the games. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

- HGM mio

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Dark and powerful.

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Arena Details!

Mermaid cove:

 Near the shoreline, there are 2 boats that can take you to the other side.

On the other side, there are about 10 sponsored items. No points usage.

Here’s the catch: If two tributes grab an item the same time, there will be a duel. Loser obviously loses his items and may get killed.

Info on the mermaids: 

These ladies may have innocent faces, but behind them is a killing frenzy machine.

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Day 1 Task

You get the key after choosing your desired item from the box. You open the door and find yourself in a strange world.

Here’s a  map of wonderland.

On the west side, we have Mermaid cove. There, mermaids sing and play all day without the company of men.

Tributes located in this area:

Shore line:

  • Vertigo
  • Kepler
  • Onyx

On the East side, we have the Wonderland Garden.

All sorts of flowers and plants can be found here. Just one thing: the plants can see, hear, smell, and even touch you. So if you need medicinal plants, ask if you can pull them out.

Tributes located in this area:

  • Orchid
  • Veux
  • Dane
  • Nellie

On the South side, we have the Wonderland Aviary.

Birds such as peacocks, colored flamingos, toucans, parrots, ostriches, and even more can be found here perched in the colorful trees. All the birds can speak human by the way. But beware of the nests of poisonous hummingbirds. Disturb a nest and they’ll hunt you down and peck their poisonous beaks.

Tributes located in this arena:

  • Eqiuus
  • Mercutio
  • Whorenado
  • Orinoco
  • Ransear

Your task:

  • What do you do? Fight? Regroup? Stay in?


EST users: 11:00PM, Saturday

GMT Users: 11:00PM, Sunday

Good luck tributes! I’ll be updating your points soon as well as more details on your locations.

- HGM Mio

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Bloodbath Results

Each and everyone of the tributes stared in and out of the cornucopia hoping to find their desired items. But there were other tributes who planned otherwise. Vertigo stared at Nellie, Orchid, Eqiuus, and Orinoco, who also looked at each other indicating that an alliance has been made.

Then the gong sounds and all hell breaks loose.

Vertigo managed to grab an umbrella which he used to bash away tributes. He opens the umbrella and turns it upside down to scoop up a vest of spade knives. With that, he sprinted out of the clutter and checked on the others.

Nellie, Vertigo’s partner, decides to grab a First aid kit since she knew the significance of medical treatment. She then heads for the cornucopia and, luckily, grabs a shield which she uses to ram other tributes out of the way and meet up with Vertigo.

Orchid already managed to get through the mess and into the cornucopia. There she grabbed a growing cake with an evil smile and went out to grab a bottle of water. until she was blocked by Kathrese who extends an arm letting Orchid fall on her back.

Kathrese was about to stab her with a spear when a knife hits her on the side of her head. Orchid turns to see Veux throw the knife then retreating to his allies. Orchid then recovers and grabs the spear from Kathrese then meets up with her allies.

Orinoco swiftly grabbed a rope and a shrinking potion without even having to fight any tributes. She meets up with her allies, especially Vertigo who she clings to.

All that’s left was Eqiuus, who was feeling left out but felt relieved that he had allies to watch his back. He stayed low and managed to grab a sword. He was about to leave until he came face to face with a pointed sword. He saw his opponent was Maximus, the young boy from district 1. Eqiuus quickly deflects the sword and stabs him in the stomach marking his death. He then assembles with the rest of his allies and from that moment they were known as Team NOVOE, making Vertigo team captain. They formed a circle with their weapons out.

Orinoco gives Vertigo the rope and ties the knives at the tips of the umbrella. Zeke charged at Vertigo with a spear when Vertigo quickly spins the bladed umbrella and blends Zeke into a bloody smoothie.

Without noticing, Sarah threw something out of the blue which Nellie blocks with her shield and rams her hard with, making a cracking sound from her skull.

Ransear spots his district partner who was about to get killed. He quickly sprints to her and manages to block for her. 

Eqiuus was about to slash until Nellie raises a hand and shakes her head. Vertigo heads over to Sarah and tries to give her CPR. Ransear was holding her hand shakily with tears in his eyes. He kept blowing air inside of her until it was too late. Rasear just wept on top of her.

The three moved on and checked on Orchid and Orinoco.

Orinoco managed to snag Haylyn with her rope making her paralyzed.

When the three arrived together with Orchid, they began to beat her up and, fortunately, Vertigo grabs a landmine and straps it on to her. He then tosses Haylyn in the air with great force and throws a knife right on the landmine making fireworks out of blood and guts. The team crowd together in the umbrella for protection and divided the items evenly.

After that, The team split and headed to their respective doors hoping to meet again.

On the other hand, the team of Mercutio, who was composed of Onyx, Veux, Whorenado, and Kepler, also showed extraordinary teamwork.

After grabbing their desired items, they met up and charged at the other tributes.

Alina was the first tribute who tried to break the alliance who was unfortunate. She charged at Veux who sliced her ankles with the knives making her fall to the ground. He quickly grabs a rope and ties it around her neck tightly making her gasp for air. He then shoves the growing cake down her throat which makes her grow bigger. Veux still had a tight grip on the ropes adding pressure as Alina grew. With all the pressure, Alina’s head exploded leaving Veux covered in blood.

Onyx had Katri pinned down and gave her the shrinking potion. After drinking, Katri sharnk down to the size of a a pea. Onyx picks her up and grabs a syringe from the first aid kit and pulls it, sucking up Katri’s inners.

She throws her dry and skinny body on the floor and meets up with Veux.

The two saw Mercutio,Whorenado, and Kepler holding down Dane. Dane, who was in a tight situation, kicks Mercutio on the legs losing his balance and grip on his arm, then punches Whorenado hard on the face then runs to his door until Kepler grabs his legs where Dane lands face first on the chess board.

Whorenado holds his cheek which was now swelling. Mercutio recovers and was angered by his mistake. Kepler drags Dane to his allies who was struggling to escape. Veux spots Frankie about to pursue Kepler until he throws a knife right in her heart. Kepler, in surprise, releases his grip on Dane who manages to escape.

Kepler curses and the team just lets it go.

With them out of the way, Dane manages to grab a first aid kit, who saw Ainsley eyeing him. Dane grabs a syringe and throws it at his eye. Ainsley let out a cry of pain. Dane heads over to him and gets the syringe out and quickly stabs him again and again until he dies. He then kept running and along the way he grabs an umbrella. After that he headed to his door and entered the room.

The team of Mercutio decided to split up first and hope to meet again.

During the bloodbath, the lives of Katherine, Nadine, and Hunter were taken away by the hands of Kathrese who managed to kill all three with just the spear making a tribute kabab. 

(forgive me tributes if the story’s confusing)

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Hey tributes

Moving the deadline for EST users at 9pm Sunday because I’ll be going back to my unit which has limited internet access and I am hoping to post the BB task.

Yours truly, 

     HGM Mio

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Sold out!

The 5 magical items have been all taken. 

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Hurry tributes!

Today’s the deadline and after that i’ll be posting the results and the locations. 3 magical items remain.

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BB Task part 2

Alright, since almost half of you have submitted the first part here’s the next one.

You managed to reach your designated doors with your desired items. You grab the key in your pocket and insert it in the keyhole. You go in and the door closes quickly locking you in the dark room. A few steps closer and a light turns on revealing an almost identical launch room.

In the middle of the room however, is a small round table with another key and a box.

Here’s your simple task:

  • Think of any item that you want to have. Weapon, clothes, etc.
  • After thinking your desired item, grab the key and unlock the door behind the table and wait for a map.

After this task, I’ll reveal where you are in Wonderland.

There are exceptions to the box.

  • No guns, chainsaws, and other modern weapons. 
  • No special powers can be given
  • There are 5 magical items that have been sponsored by Minerva. First five to submit this task, I will give you a list of the available items.

Good luck tributes!

- HGM Mio

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Since the submission of the BB task isn’t even half of the tributes, i’m extending them until sunday, 11pm for both GMT and EST.

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Where them tasks at?

Tributes using the GMT, you have 2 hours left to submit your BB task. Don’t submit, you die.

EST users, you still  have until tonight to submit so I suggest that you get started.

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Bloodbath Task

After your private session and interviews, you are sent back to your rooms to get a good night’s rest before the games.

The morning you wake up, you are escorted by your escort to the hovercraft where all the other tributes are in.

After a few minutes of riding the hovercraft, you are sent to your own dressing room where you meet your stylist who will dress you up for the games. Your stylist heads over to the closet and brings out your outfit:

(From D1 to D12):

You wonder why you are dressed in such a ridiculous outfit but your stylist just places his finger to his mouth and gives you a wink. Then someone announces that there is 10 seconds before you enter the tube.

5 seconds before the countdown ends, you quickly enter the tube until it closes behind you. You panic but your stylist gives you a calm look.

You are elevated upward and smell the scent of grass and see the cornucopia in front of you.

You then begin to wonder why you were given such an outrageous outfit. In the cornucopia you see, a timer counting down from 5 seconds.

The gong sounds and all of you sprint until a hole appears beneath your feet and you fall into the dark hole.

You try to grab something until you realize that you can’t. As you fall, you see floating beds, bookshelves, and pianos as well. After a few minutes of falling, you crash into a very thin wall and land face first into a stone platform. You blink a few times and slowly stand and to your surprise see the cornucopia laid in the middle of a giant chessboard. Behind you, you see doors with assorted matching colors.

Here are your positions:

Blue Line (L to R): Dane, Frankie, Katherine, Maximus, Nadine, Katri

Green Line (Top to bottom): Hunter, Eqiuus, Zeke, Sarah, Orinoco, Nellie, Ainsley

Yellow Line (L to R): Mercutio, Whorenado, Alina, Onyx, Kepler

Red Line (Top to bottom): Kathrese, Veux, Orchid, Ursa, Haylyn, Ransear

The items around:

Outside the cornucopia:

Blue squares: Jug of water

Pink squares: First aid kit

Green squares: Food rations

Purple squares: Umbrella

Yellow Squares: Rope

Inside the cornucopia:

2 swords

2 vests of Spade shaped throwing knives

3 shields

4 spears

5 vials of pishsalvers (shrinking potion)

6 pieces of upelkuchen (Growing cake)

Your task:

  • Describe what you do during the bloodbath. Do you grab weapons, food, water, escape, etc.?
  • Make any allies?


  • 11:00PM, Saturday, EST
  • 11:00PM, Sunday, GMT


Each of you have been given a key. The rectangles in the map indicate doors. The arrangement of districts is clockwise (from D1 to D12).

The doors are labeled D01F (D1 female), D01M (D1 male) and so on so forth. Once you have collected your desired items, go to your respective doors and wait for the next task.

Good luck tributes and welcome to Wonderland ;)

- HGM Mio

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